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Happy Hearts Pet Care LLC Policies

Contacting Happy Hearts Pet Care

We do not have scheduled office hours and because we are usually caring for pets we may not be able to take your call right away. Email and voicemail are checked morning and evening and you can expect a response within 24hrs. Please text if you have an emergency. We ask that you do not leave schedule changes in notes at your home as they may not make it back to the office to be entered into the master schedule and we do not want any missed pet care.
Our #1 rule is no inside dog will ever be left for more than 12 hours between visits.

We offer several time blocks for 30min visits. Early morning 6-8am, Mid-Morning 9-11am, Mid Day 11am -1pm (20-30min visit), Mid Afternoon 1-3pm, Early evening 4-6pm and later evening 7-10pm.

When making 3-4 visits per day to your home we try to space the day time visits 4- 7hrs apart with the over night visits not being more than 12hrs apart but usually only 10 hours.

When making 2 visits a day to your home they will be spaced 12 hours apart for an indoor dog or pets with medical needs. Outdoor dogs and cats requiring 2 visits per day will fall between 7-12 hours between daily visits.

We can NOT accept specific time requests for visits unless it is for a medical purpose.

We send email updates after each pet visit.

Your Responsibility as a client

We use an on line scheduling software called “Time To Pet”. Once you have been signed up for services you will receive portal instructions via email. You can then log in and update your pet and home information and schedule any up coming pet care. You can always contact us directly to schedule as well.

Happy Hearts Pet Care would always like to be available to care for your pets and home but we do need as much notice as possible. Acceptable notice would be at least 3 days before your trip if we have your key on file. Trip plans for ANY holiday should be scheduled no less than 2 weeks ahead of time. We do realize that life happens and will always try to accommodate you in the event of unforeseen emergencies but pure lack of planning will cost you a $20 late booking fee.
Please inform HHPC of anyone else that will have access to your home while we are caring for your pet. Keep in mind that we are women out alone and our safety is important. Letting us know when the housekeeper, maintenance person, friend or relative could be coming to your home will save us from any scares.

Once you have scheduled your trip with HHPC, please contact us 24 hours before you leave to confirm your trip plans. If we do not hear from you we will start visits with your pet as originally contracted.

You must contact HHPC when you return from your trip. If we do not hear from you within 12 hrs of the last visit made for a dog or within 24hrs of the last visit made for a cat we will attempt to contact you. If we are unable to reach you, another visit will be made to your home and we will continue to make visits until contact has been made that you are home to care for your pet. An emergency fee of $20 will be added to your billing.

Please make sure you have left enough food, litter or other necessary supplies for your pet before you leave for your trip. HHPC will of course pick up any supplies that may run out and bill you the cost plus $10.00.

You should leave out any acceptable cleaning supplies that can be used on your flooring if your pet should have an accident. We will use only cold water if no supplies have been left out for this purpose.

Towels should be left by the door for wet paws coming in from walks. We do our best to keep wet/muddy paws off your floor and furniture.

Mid-Day Doggie Walks

When hired for mid-day dog walks only, these walks are approximately 20-30 minutes. These walks are made between 11am & 2 pm. No specific time can be given but we will TRY to accommodate requests for the beginning or end of this time frame. You will receive a email each day telling what time we walked your dog and their potty routine. You will be emailed an invoice at the end of each month. You may cancel a visit before 9:30 am the day of the walk without charge.

Terms of Payment

Payment is due upon receiving your invoice via email on the last date of service. You can either mail us a check, leave us cash/check at your home or pay with PayPal/Credit Card through our software. Any accounts open after 30 days is subject to a $20 late payment fee. Any checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be charged $10 PLUS the NSF fees charged to our account.


Your house key will be picked up at the initial interview and tagged with your account number, not your name or address. When making visits your file and key are in a locked briefcase. We can schedule for key return and payment when you return from your trip OR if you think you may be traveling more than 1 time per year you may consider having your key retained in our locked filing cabinet. Then you can make payment arrangements and just give us a call the next time you’re going away without the hassle of scheduling a key pickup. We do charge $10.00 for key pickup/return after our first interview.

Holiday Fees

Happy Hearts Pet Care LLC does charge a $5 per visit holiday fee for New Years Eve/Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve/Day.

Cancellations/Late Booking

Less than 48hrs notice will cost you a $20 fee. During the holidays it is very important that you give as much notice as possible so we can care for other client pets.

Pet Photos

While caring for pets we enjoy taking photos of them for you and to post on our website and social media. We are always careful to never include any back ground of your home, property or location and never include your family name for your security. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Happy Hearts Pet Care LLC does use the services of independent contractors to provide pet care services to our valued clients. All contractors have been given orientation to ensure they understand proper pet care procedures, have passed a criminal background check through Michigan State Police and are covered with bonding and liability insurance. You may not hire our contractors for pet care services out side of our contractor as they are under a non-solicit contract and doing so will result in legal action.

Do you have a question about something we haven’t addressed here? Let us know!